Vacation Diaries, Day 3: I Just Got Wiser

It’s a fine night and I can sense the moon blowing good night kisses to the stars. Winter breeze gently tickling the fairies. Tonight love and peace defeated the hues and cries of human misery.

Calmness surrounds my thoughts. Angels are sprinkling sweet dreams onto my tired eyes. I’m reminiscing and thinking about all wrong I have done to myself. With rue, my heart is laden. I have always been so static in my life.

For all my life, I have been scared to change. Surrounding myself with people that were like me. This reinforced my beliefs and kept me away from the ‘Acceptance’ I needed. Hence, I denied change and allowed self-delusions to haunt me.

Tonight it feels as if a supernatural force has dragged me out of the bogs of denial. I’m all set to welcome pleasant changes in my life. All the sufferings will end now

Vacation diaries, Day 2: ‘Usual’ on my mind    

As I woke up this morning things felt so usual. ‘Usual’ is something that happens often in my life.

Waking up with a look that witches envy. So usual.

Walking from my mother’s room, struggling with the noises dying to jump out into the surroundings with every footstep, and then being kicked out for you are a damn noise pollutant. So usual.

Drinking tea to slap my senses a ‘Good Morning’. So usual.

My mom and her usual suggestions and objections. The usual me and my usual ignorance. The usual tasks and my usual procrastination. The usual fights with my sister.

Now it’s the usual me with a usual bowl of noodles writing as creative words cuddle my wisdom with every spoon I eat. Geez! The mighty noodle God had just awoken the not so witty me that was hiding behind the curtains of comfort.

Sometimes it’s not about comfort, it’s about my usual priorities studies and all. The creative me is always in a fight with the boring nerd trying to dominate my priorities.

After all the unnecessary expression of such odd thoughts, I’m all set to dive into the kingdom of dreams. A usual yet useful day is finally over. I got to learn, I got to laugh, and I got to write. What else do I need? Maybe a little silence and sleep.

Vacation Diaries, Day 1: A Lazy Social Worm

Today was of those winter days when you turn into a old grumpy lady. God was unfair with the temperature today. The only way to survive was putting on whatever may stop the mighty cold from haunting me. Hot tea was my sole comforter.

Sun and I failed to fiddle the witty winter mist hence I suffered. I am sure Sun too had a tough time handling the warmth all by itself. The rays may have missed the comfort they get from my cold flesh.

The social I was however at its best today. The winter failed to cease my fingers, hence the stalker Me kept functioning from the inside of my warm blanket. One tab after another I explored the adventurous world of ‘Opinions’. The more I stalked the more I pleased my social devil.

A lazy social worm now writes to end a boring day interestingly. Laziness sometimes can be the best cure to winters. Trust me…

Becoming A Writer


Love what you do and do what you love.

I’ve been a writer for years. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do; in some ways it’s what I’ve always known I’m meant to do.

Writing soothes my heart. It brings out the best in me. I couldn’t be happier knowing that people are reading my poetry, and articles on WordPress.

I love getting “my stuff” acknowledged. It energizes and motivates me.  But even more important to me is that I’ve enjoyed so much writing them. Continue reading

My Lonely Self

Painting by Helenka Wierzbicki from

Alone is something I have been a lot in my life. Alone was something I was comfortable with. All those wordless hours felt dulcet and serene, like hair being fondled. It had a different flavor. But now this deathly silence itches me somewhere deep inside because it’s always quiet, too quiet.

Sometimes when the burden of untold stories, unexpressed feelings, pernicious lies and dreary loneliness is poisoning your soul and corrupting your beliefs you have to write.

If a story is in you, it has to come out. Continue reading