Vacation Diaries, Day 4: Happy Birthday Jinnah

Mohammed Ali Jinnah

The most stylish, graceful and disciplined leader ever. A man of dignity, honour, commitment and dedication.

Today, as our nation struggles to understand and recapture its place among the nations of the world, Jinnah’s words are as relevant as they were all those years ago. Giving hope to us in our darkest hours. Thank you Jinnah for everything you did for us. We owe our freedom to you.

A Patriotic Nation Living In A Sloppy Society!

Lately, I watched a Political rally, and it made me so proud seeing the vehemence among the people especially the youth. Demanding political reforms, holding the crescent star flags, we were all green at heart. Patriotism was at its peak. Hoards of young boys and girls were dancing on the tone of “Dil, Dil Pakistan!” showing how mighty, how united, how strong we are as a nation.

But this was merely one side of a picture, seeing on the other side my head bowed down with shame. Our people score a big goose egg when it comes to ethics. We are lazy so we throw garbage on roads, we are in a hurry so we don’t queue, spit and urinate on roads, we have a weak moral character so we bribe. Why? Because everyone does it so why shouldn’t we. Since we pay taxes have the right to spit, urinate anywhere we like. Our only job is to keep our home clean it is government’s job to care about the rest.

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