Eat something of your own size humans!


The fact that we humans are carnivores can’t be denied. We can eat everything from the green herbs to the red flesh. But I guess we’ve taken this carnivore thing too seriously and haven’t even spared the poor dogs. I’ve been witnessing a very strong social campaign against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. People did their best to stop this brutal massacre, but anyhow, it took place and restaurants Guangxi slaughtered the dogs for human consumption.

Being an animal lover and having two wonderful canine siblings, I can’t even bear the thought of the pain these animals have to go through for the never satisfying human hunger.

We humans are already eating enough of the flesh in the form of chicken, goats, cows and fish why not just stick to some of the traditional meats and spare some species for the sake of this world.

And let’s just look at the health aspects of this brutal killing. The first question that should come into one’s mind is from where do these dogs come?

Since dogs are not food. We all know that there are no dog farms where the dogs to be butchered are raised. So it’s obvious that these are stolen by the meat traders from the streets. Just think about how seriously fatal it can be for one’s health if the dog suffered from rabies or some other serious diseases?

And since the dogs are butchered on the streets has everyone ever thought how upsetting can be the view when the streets flow with dogs’ blood.  Just imagine the psychological harm it can cause to the students who witness this massacre on their way to schools.

Chinese culture and traditions are so wonderful that I’ve often wished to have been born in a Chinese family. I’m sure most people in China are also against this event that has tarnished the reputation of Guangxi. Together they can end this. Together we can end this.