Vacation Diaries, Day 3: I Just Got Wiser

It’s a fine night and I can sense the moon blowing good night kisses to the stars. Winter breeze gently tickling the fairies. Tonight love and peace defeated the hues and cries of human misery.

Calmness surrounds my thoughts. Angels are sprinkling sweet dreams onto my tired eyes. I’m reminiscing and thinking about all wrong I have done to myself. With rue, my heart is laden. I have always been so static in my life.

For all my life, I have been scared to change. Surrounding myself with people that were like me. This reinforced my beliefs and kept me away from the ‘Acceptance’ I needed. Hence, I denied change and allowed self-delusions to haunt me.

Tonight it feels as if a supernatural force has dragged me out of the bogs of denial. I’m all set to welcome pleasant changes in my life. All the sufferings will end now