A Chocolate…

“I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred silent ways.”- Rumi

“I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred silent ways.”- Rumi

In a market, outside a shoe store, a girl with a bag full of chocolates holding her father’s hand was sobbing. Her mother was yelling at another girl. Both of them were nearly of the same age, but weren’t equally lucky. Seeing her appearance one could easily tell that she wasn’t a family member. She was someone whose parents were being paid by the parents of the other girl. She was earning for her parents at an age where every child needs parental affection and care. One was crying for the chocolate that slipped accidentally and one was being reprimanded for making the other cry.

Life cannot be more unfair than this. None of the parents was  compassionate enough to realize that it wasn’t her fault. None of them was sensible enough to tell their daughter that losing a bar of chocolate wasn’t a big deal because she still had a lot left to eat. How could someone be so cold to realize that they were dealing with a kid and had to be genteel.

Does a child deserve affection only when he/she belongs to the same blood? Who was at fault? Who should be blamed? The parents or fate? If parents, whose parents were to be blamed the most? The ones who made their daughter work at a very small age or the one’s having the hearts of stone?

Nature created both of the girls alike, they were equal in the eyes of their creator, they were equally important for their parents. But wait, really? Were they equally important for their parents? Because if they were one wouldn’t be serving others. No matter how hard your life is. No matter how hard it is to earn a living child labor isn’t and can’t be justified at all. If you can bring them to this world, you’ve to work for them too. You are responsible for earning your living and theirs too, until they reach the right age.

Fate creates all these differences and humans make them worse. Someone gets everything, and the other has to struggle to get a little share from that Everything. This is indeed a big question mark on humanity. Who’s going to end this? We are. Yes, we the ones who’ve created these differences can end them if only we develop “Empathy”.