Dare I say, the books are better than movies!

And then… after they had ripped out half of her pages… They turned her into a movie!

And then… after they had ripped out half of her pages… They turned her into a movie!

Rescuing me from the glooms of boredom books have always been my life saver. Especially when I’m reading a novel. My imagination is at its best. I still remember reading “The Fault in Our Stars” what a joy it was. I got so involved that it felt like I was a part of the story. Every page I read took my curiosity to another level. Even when the novel ended, I was still curious to know more. For how long did Anna survived? How painful life was for her after Augustus died? Being a reader whenever I think about the novels I’ve read the greed to have known more about the character’s life after the novel ended haunts me.

Reading “The Fault in our Stars” raised my expectations about the movie. Since it was the first time I was watching a movie after reading the novel I couldn’t wait to see the characters living in front of me on the screen. I thought watching the movie would be even more exciting as it will give life to my imagination.

But sadly the movie turned out to be a mere disappointment for me. People may disagree, but now that I’ve experienced it for a couple of times I am confident enough to say that books are always better than the movies.

Movies can never sum up the emotions that are so beautifully described in the books. You can see a character crying, but can never feel what he’s feeling at that time. You can see a character dancing with joy, but the intensity of that happiness could only be felt when you get to read them. Novels are so detailed, but on the other hand movies are mere subtractions. Subtractions of events, emotions and experiences.

Novels let your imagination flow freely, but movies bound you to see things as the director wants you to see. The director’s interpretation can never live up to your imagination. Though movies are a reflection of what has been described in the novel, but still they’re so controlling. I don’t like my imagination being caged in a bunch of scenes after watching the movie. I bet most readers don’t.

If you’ve no liking for the books you’ll enjoy the novel based movie and come out of the theatre clapping, but if you’re a book lover then I suggest you to stick to the book and your very own imagination and don’t ruin it with a movie.

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Eat something of your own size humans!


The fact that we humans are carnivores can’t be denied. We can eat everything from the green herbs to the red flesh. But I guess we’ve taken this carnivore thing too seriously and haven’t even spared the poor dogs. I’ve been witnessing a very strong social campaign against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. People did their best to stop this brutal massacre, but anyhow, it took place and restaurants Guangxi slaughtered the dogs for human consumption.

Being an animal lover and having two wonderful canine siblings, I can’t even bear the thought of the pain these animals have to go through for the never satisfying human hunger.

We humans are already eating enough of the flesh in the form of chicken, goats, cows and fish why not just stick to some of the traditional meats and spare some species for the sake of this world.

And let’s just look at the health aspects of this brutal killing. The first question that should come into one’s mind is from where do these dogs come?

Since dogs are not food. We all know that there are no dog farms where the dogs to be butchered are raised. So it’s obvious that these are stolen by the meat traders from the streets. Just think about how seriously fatal it can be for one’s health if the dog suffered from rabies or some other serious diseases?

And since the dogs are butchered on the streets has everyone ever thought how upsetting can be the view when the streets flow with dogs’ blood.  Just imagine the psychological harm it can cause to the students who witness this massacre on their way to schools.

Chinese culture and traditions are so wonderful that I’ve often wished to have been born in a Chinese family. I’m sure most people in China are also against this event that has tarnished the reputation of Guangxi. Together they can end this. Together we can end this.

Vacation Diaries, Day 4: Happy Birthday Jinnah

Mohammed Ali Jinnah

The most stylish, graceful and disciplined leader ever. A man of dignity, honour, commitment and dedication.

Today, as our nation struggles to understand and recapture its place among the nations of the world, Jinnah’s words are as relevant as they were all those years ago. Giving hope to us in our darkest hours. Thank you Jinnah for everything you did for us. We owe our freedom to you.

Vacation Diaries, Day 3: I Just Got Wiser

It’s a fine night and I can sense the moon blowing good night kisses to the stars. Winter breeze gently tickling the fairies. Tonight love and peace defeated the hues and cries of human misery.

Calmness surrounds my thoughts. Angels are sprinkling sweet dreams onto my tired eyes. I’m reminiscing and thinking about all wrong I have done to myself. With rue, my heart is laden. I have always been so static in my life.

For all my life, I have been scared to change. Surrounding myself with people that were like me. This reinforced my beliefs and kept me away from the ‘Acceptance’ I needed. Hence, I denied change and allowed self-delusions to haunt me.

Tonight it feels as if a supernatural force has dragged me out of the bogs of denial. I’m all set to welcome pleasant changes in my life. All the sufferings will end now