Tubelight Movie Review: Salman Khan a Bane or a Boon?

Tubelight is an anti-war movie that elucidates the futility of war and teaches us the importance of not hating the ones who you are at war with. The film is a Bollywood remake of the 2015 Hollywood venture “Little Boy” by Alejandro Monteverde. The child hero Pepper, an 8-years old boy, beleaguered because of his small size, becomes Laxman Singh Bisht (Salman Khan) an obtuse adult who is bullied by Narayan (Zeeshan Ayyub). Salman has been excellent at playing a macho-man child throughout his career. His innocence and naughtiness combined with his fetching looks have always charmed us.  Now, here it is significant to note that for someone who is muscled and bulky like Salman Khan it is not easy getting used to him playing someone who is has mental limitations. Read more…


Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer Review

Michael Bay’s fifth transformer movie Transformers: The Last Knight release date is June 21, 2017. Paramount pictures has already released its trailer, which gives a brief yet clear idea about its storyline. Right now one cannot predict whether this movie will surpass the $1.104 billion box office earnings of Transformers: Age of Extinction or not, but one thing is clear that this time it is serious. Something that we have never seen in Michael Bay’s movies. Here is Transformers: The Last Night International Trailer Review for all of you who are anxiously waiting for this movie.Read more…


Folks Joining Game of Thrones Gang in Season 7

Game of Thrones has always been the audience’s favorite. From direction to storyline to the cast, everything has always been perfect. No doubt, there can be no question about Game of Thrones popularity and success; but in season 7, as compared to the previous seasons more new cast members have been added. Game of Thrones has always incorporated famous bands in its storyline for cameos, with Will Champion drumming at the Red Wedding, Sigur Rós performing at Joffrey’s wedding and Mastodon playing wildlings raised from the dead at Hardho it never failed to overjoy its audience. This time too many folks will be joining the team. Read More…

Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Trailer Review: Have Your Tickets Ready

Unlike Marvel Studio’s contemporary superheroes, Spider-Man has always been portrayed as a promising teenager who tries to balance his heroic-duties the high school responsibilities. Which surely is not an easy thing to do if you have to save the world and your grades probably at the same time. Sometimes deciding which one is the toughest requires many discussions. Some would say that saving the world might perhaps be the coolest thing, which can bring girls and glory all at the same time.Read More

Game of Thrones Season 7 Insights and Updates

Not many of us like summers. But this year, the case is totally opposite. Everybody is impatiently waiting for beams of sun to be at their peak. No, not for mangoes. Well… They too are our heartthrob; however, Game of Thrones is a bit more close to our heart. Why should it not be? After all, season 7 is expected to be its second last season.Read More

Dare I say, the books are better than movies!

And then… after they had ripped out half of her pages… They turned her into a movie!

And then… after they had ripped out half of her pages… They turned her into a movie!

Rescuing me from the glooms of boredom books have always been my life saver. Especially when I’m reading a novel. My imagination is at its best. I still remember reading “The Fault in Our Stars” what a joy it was. I got so involved that it felt like I was a part of the story. Every page I read took my curiosity to another level. Even when the novel ended, I was still curious to know more. For how long did Anna survived? How painful life was for her after Augustus died? Being a reader whenever I think about the novels I’ve read the greed to have known more about the character’s life after the novel ended haunts me.

Reading “The Fault in our Stars” raised my expectations about the movie. Since it was the first time I was watching a movie after reading the novel I couldn’t wait to see the characters living in front of me on the screen. I thought watching the movie would be even more exciting as it will give life to my imagination.

But sadly the movie turned out to be a mere disappointment for me. People may disagree, but now that I’ve experienced it for a couple of times I am confident enough to say that books are always better than the movies.

Movies can never sum up the emotions that are so beautifully described in the books. You can see a character crying, but can never feel what he’s feeling at that time. You can see a character dancing with joy, but the intensity of that happiness could only be felt when you get to read them. Novels are so detailed, but on the other hand movies are mere subtractions. Subtractions of events, emotions and experiences.

Novels let your imagination flow freely, but movies bound you to see things as the director wants you to see. The director’s interpretation can never live up to your imagination. Though movies are a reflection of what has been described in the novel, but still they’re so controlling. I don’t like my imagination being caged in a bunch of scenes after watching the movie. I bet most readers don’t.

If you’ve no liking for the books you’ll enjoy the novel based movie and come out of the theatre clapping, but if you’re a book lover then I suggest you to stick to the book and your very own imagination and don’t ruin it with a movie.

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